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Datingcues com

She was already one of the most responsible teens ever thanks to her strict mother, Mrs.

Kim, so there was never really any doubt that Lane could successfully take on parenting with the help of her super-mellow husband, Zack.

But while she struggles to find her way, does she have a new man by her side? It remains TBD whether or not she’s currently romantically linked with any of them, but we just want to catch up with the three guys who repeatedly made Rory swoon.

While we’re pretty sure she’s outgrown her Dean phase (if it was going to work out between those two in the long run, it would have happened the second time they gave it a try), Jess is a solid contender.

Let’s just hope that Michel was finally promoted from concierge.

And have we mentioned how excited we are for this reunion?

How exciting would it be if the fall episode features a Thanksgiving meal a la Sookie? Lorelei and Sookie fulfilled their lifelong dreams when they opened The Dragonfly Inn back in Season 4.

Despite a few setbacks in the beginning, the inn quickly became a hotspot for hosting Stars Hollow’s tourists (really, how could it not with Lorelai as the girlboss running things and Sookie in the kitchen? Things were only looking up from there, and we’re thinking that The Dragonfly is more of a Stars Hollow staple than ever before.

She may be searching for some direction, but we’re not too worried about Rory.

She’s brilliant, stubborn, and determined—and we have a feeling she’ll land on her feet just fine. The offscreen death of Hermann’s character, Richard will play a major role in the lives of Emily, Lorelai, and Rory, to say the least.

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